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Hot Cocoa and Coffee Bar Inspirations

Oh, it’s cold outside! If you are anything like me, you are running to get back inside to grab yourself a nice warm pair of fuzzy socks with a piping hot cup of cocoa, or a warm coffee pick me up.

One of the best ways to survive the winter is by creating a hot chocolate & coffee bar, with necessary utensils and treats. It is also the perfect time to enjoy your favorite mug of cocoa, coffee, or tea with family and friends, so here are a few tips to make the most out of your beverage bar.

coffee cocoa bar ideas and inspiration

Cocoa For A Queen

The main three ingredients to make a successful hot cocoa bar is hot water or milk, cocoa mix, and of course a few marshmallows. But what if we step it up a notch with a variety of toppings and treats? My favorite part in creating a beverage bar is filling mason jars with all the spoils.

For example, along with the marshmallows, you might want to include peppermint sticks, chocolate chips, whip cream, and even sprinkles. Don’t forget about the caramel and chocolate syrup to drizzle on top!  Treats like donuts, puff pastries, croissants, biscuits, and Crème de Pirouline Rolled Wafers also make a great addition.

The mason jars bring a clean and organized style to the bar and you can easily make cute chalkboard labels for them like these only $7.99 from Amazon:

Photo and labels from Amazon.com

cocoa bar mug

if you are a regular Martha Stewart, you may even want to create your own homemade hot chocolate recipe right in the crockpot. Here’s one of our favorites recipes by Southern Living. Setting the temperature on the crockpot to low, will help to ensure that your hot chocolate will constantly be at a perfect temperature. This is a great option for children coming in from a snow day or during holiday parties.


Photo and design by @robynssouthernnest


We want to give our hot chocolate or coffee bar some decorative accessories like utensils and eye candy to help complete the finish look. Build upwards like @RobynsSouthernNest with shelving to add your favorite signs and treasures. Striped straws, silver spoons and other personalized decorations will make your cocoa bar feel warm and inviting.

llama coffee mug

Photo and mug from Llamas Art Show

llama mug with your personalized name

Your Mug Shot

The final thing you’ll need for your coffee/cocoa bar is mugs! There are so many adorable mugs to choose from but if you are a llama lover, these personalized llama mugs from Llamas Art Show would make a great conversation starter for your hot chocolate or coffee bar. Each mug has a llama on the front and a name on the back so you can order the entire family. Interested? Go to Llamasart.com, search your name, and find hundreds of personalized mugs! Can’t find your name? Submit your name and be one of the ten llamas illustrated each month.

family llama coffee cocoa mugs

Llamas Art Show Personalized Mugs

What are some other creative ways you might want to personalize your coffee/cocoa bar?

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