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New Book by Kristin Llamas


¿Como te Llamas?

Everyday Llamas You Might Know!

Published by Chronicle Books

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Which llama are you? This adorably odd collection of super-relatable llama portraits and personalities celebrates everyone’s new favorite it creature (“the new unicorn”) in a colorfully, gifty, shareable way.

Artist Kristin Llamas (her real name) has been drawing adorably odd portraits of llamas for years.

Inspired by a name, and her affection for these delightfully expressive animals, she’ll create a detailed, personality-rich portrait in her realistic and humorous black and white style. The results are charming, funny, and relatable. This gorgeously gifty humor book collects 60 of Llamas’ most funny and endearing portraits, pairing them with biographical quips and jewel tone color washes to capture these llamas quirky inner lives and our own.

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