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Llama Bus! Nashville Llama Art Bus!


Nashville Llama Bus by Kristin Llamas!


Get ready, Nashville!


Llamas are hitting the road (quite literally) as a new art initiative through MTA covers one of their 40 ft buses in… you guessed it… llamas! With this new take on street art, giant paintings of llamas will be driving down Nashville streets, beginning in November!


Over the summer, MTA’s Jason Minser, and Studio 208’s Ashley Seagroves reached out to artist Kristin Llamas (yes, that is her real last name!). K. Llamas is responsible for the “Llamas Art Show,” which is a series of black and white llama drawings. But these llamas aren’t just any llamas… they are named after real people.


K. Llamas is known for using art to engage and unite communities, and the “Llamas Art Show” has become her most playful and inclusive project yet. The artist asks people their name with the question “¿Como te Llamas?” (or “What is Your Name?”) and then creates llama portraits named after people who submit their name. By collaborating with MTA, the result is what they call, the “Llama Art Bus!”


“With the Llamas Art Show and now Llamas Art Bus, my goal is to bring people together by the one thing that everyone has. It doesn’t matter where you are born, your size, shape, color, age or net worth. We all have a name. So let’s all start there and all become llamas together!” - Artist, Kristin Llamas


Since K. Llamas’ art project is all about uniting communities, and MTA literally unites communities from one point to another, Minser, Seagroves, and Llamas all agree that the collaboration is a perfect partnership!


The Llama Art Bus will be hitting the streets this November. Individuals are invited to participate and interact with the project at LlamaArtBus.com where they can submit their own name to be created as a llama!


Bus stops around the route are named after llamas from the series and the bus be hosting special events throughout November and December such as a llama photo shoot day at the zoo, Llama Art Show book signings at Davidson county libraries, and a November art exhibit of K. Llamas work at Ashley Seagroves’ Studio 208.


Visit LlamaArtBus.com to submit your name and learn more!

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